From Wedding Planning & Design To Consulting

I dedicate myself to a select number of weddings each year, enabling me to build custom packages  and dedicate a generous amount of time on each wedding I work on.

I am committed to working closely with my clients to create memorable experiences; my greatest pleasure is knowing you will enjoy the planning of your wedding just as much as I will.

wedding planning, designing, management, coordination & consulting

A Custom-Tailored Wedding Experience

Because Weddings Are Not Meant To Be One-Size-Fits-all

Wedding Planning + Design

The Services

As a busy professional and socialite, your time is in high demand. Between work, friends, family, and an active city lifestyle, where do you find the time to plan & design your wedding?

Well, that’s where I come in. I’ll work with you from start to finish and embrace your big vision and set out on a mission to find the absolute best venue, vendors and resources we need to make your wedding dreams happen.

Wedding planning and design is my specialty and because I spend a generous amount of time on each wedding, I book only 5 to 6 wedding planning and design clients each year. 

Wedding Management + Coordination

Your vendors are selected and the design is in motion but you are seeking guidance and need a professional to take the lead on execution and logistics between your venue, vendors and décor. 

You may be familiar with 'month-of-coordination' or 'day-of-coordination', however, I call my version of this service 'wedding management and coordination services' since I will be there for guidance the moment the contract is signed, and I will start working with your venue and vendors at least 3 months prior to your wedding.

I believe communicating and collaborating early on is essential when planning & executing an event that is so important & meaningful.

Wedding Consulting + A LA CARTE

If you’re planning your own wedding a boss but there are one or two sticking points you just need a little extra support around then my Wedding Consulting and A La Carte services are for you.

Get fast answers and professional guidance to all of your burning questions, without any long-term commitments.

The specific areas I offer consulting in are venue recommendations, vendor recommendations, timeline review, designing, invitation etiquette, website creation and more!

Wedding Planning + Design Includes Wedding Management + Coordination & It Begins at $12,500

Wedding Management + Coordination Services Begin at $3,900

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Let Me Know If Any Of These Sound Familiar ...

I never had to plan anything like this! Where do I even start? What if I miss something important?

Between work, spending time with friends and family, working out and handling other things that life throws at me, how do I find the time to plan a wedding?

... I get it Because I've Heard It a Time Or Two

I have so many ideas but I have no idea how to bring it all to life! How can I make my dream wedding a reality?

Are You Not Sure Which Wedding Service Is Best For You?

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